Michael Smutny

Managing Director
Michael Smutny founded the Consultancy Company 2012 after working for more than 20 years in the banking industry. His experience in financing ranges from asset based finance to project finance, corporate lending, corporate finance and capital market products. Specific industrial focus is aimed at real estate finance and to Hotel finance in Austria, CEE and South East Europe. Mr. Smutny was a board member of 2 registered bank institutions in Europe and is the author of various articles about the banking- as well as the financing-industry.

As most of his career was focused in Austria, CEE and South East Europe, Mr. Smutny has a vast network of contacts within the banking- and financing industry and has in-depth knowledge of different business segments specifically in the tourism and real estate area. Between 2012 and 2014 specific attention was given to the Turkish market, in which Mr. Smutny build up a close network to various business angels and reputable family offices as well as bridging Turkish and Austrian commercial interest.

In October 2014 Mr. Smutny joined the Austrian Consulting and Finance Boutique "Advicum Consulting GmbH" as Associate Partner. This enables him to further enlarge his existing vast network for the sake of the client's interest. At Advicum his main task is aimed at Corporate Finance activities in Austria and Central-Eastern Europe. Additionally, Michael Smutny is engaged in various corporate restructuring cases, one of the main business activities of Advicum.

Since 2009 Mr. Smutny has also held the position of Managing Director at an Austrian Real Estate Company. This Real Estate company invests in Austria and international commercial real estate.

During the first half of 2016 Mr. Smutny completed a trip around the world, which further improved his business focus and enhanced his personal and professional perspective.

Mr. Smutny holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Strategic Corporate planning

Strategic aim is to lead enterprises to develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustainable growth. The approach is to look at strategy from the “outside in” perspective, finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future corporate needs.

Corporate restructuring

Significant impact is delivered to organizations undergoing or anticipating profound changes or facing strategic discontinuities or risks. Guidance is provided on leading the institution, structuring its operations, improving its performance, building organizational capabilities and doing its work efficiently. The aim is to identify and master corporate challenges in order to set up for future success.

Financing support ranging from bank loans to hybrid- and equity products

Finding optimal funding for projects and enterprises, ranging from bank loans, bonds, mezzanine and hybrid capital to equity products.  This is achieved via a broad network to banks, private and institutional investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds, family offices, and public institutions.

Sourcing for commercial partners and various forms of business cooperation’s

A vast network of contacts allows for bridging partners together and raising resources efficiently.

Regional Expansion – development of new markets and preparing market entries

Aligning organizations with new regional strategies, providing respective support in order to enter new markets and preparing for the adequate market presence.

Working with clients to identify and to build up the differentiating capabilities for a successful business and to establish the required business relationships.

In terms of consultancy services, regional expansion actually means four steps:

1. Preliminary duties: In-depth analysis of the client’s product base and evaluating risk/reward scenarios for regional expansion/geographical diversification

2. Preparing new market entries: Operational measures of enter new markets by finding suitable partners like local lawyers, tax advisors, franchisees, real estate brokers, recruitment agencies, license partners, joint venture partners, investors, debt providers and others in order to prepare the most appropriate structure for envisaged market entry

3. Due diligence phase: Coordination of all findings with regard to commercial, legal, and market relevant aspects which enables the client’s management to decide upon the final realization

4. Operational implementation: In line with carefully designed guidelines, all operational steps are carried out until the principal phase of regional expansion has been completed and the client’s management takes over operational responsibility

Development of new customer segments

During the in-depth examination of the corporate strategy, developing operating models and designing organizations, the focus is aimed at defining additional client bases and supporting the expansion to new business areas.


Interim Management

Through the broad network of domestic and international partners, experienced top-managers can be sourced who support the client’s management to succeed in achieving set goals. Consequently such duties are done by the part-time executive not only in an advisory function but within a carefully defined process operationally as well.


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